Philips Citiscape

Philips x Hyper Island
Year: 2013
Role: Art Director
Categories: Art Direction, Concept Development

Brief ︎ Create an integrated digital campaign for their new line of headphones, Citiscape.

The big idea: To feature the sounds of the streets.

Turning cityscapes to soundscapes that represents headphone persona. Each headphone is tied to a persona that grooves to a different beat. Using technology and working with independent producers, we were able to generate an experimental tune that changes with the live sound feed recorded from the streets.

A huge box / booth will be set up at different locations within Stockholm that fits into the persona of the headphones. There the live street sounds will be recorded and a generated tune will be available both online and on-ground for people to hear.

The website will take users through a journey of exploring the soundscapes of the city via google maps. By choosing their persona of choice, they get to tune in and listen to the sounds of the street live.  (Attached Images are just a protoype)